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17:30  Poster session & Welcome drinks

tag Development of open-drive scroll expander for an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engine and first test results
George Kosmadakis, George Mousmoulis, Dimitris Manolakos, Ioannis Anagnostopoulos, George Papadakis, Dimitrios Papantonis
tag Initial design of an optical-access piston expansion chamber for wet-expansion
Steven Lecompte, Martijn van den Broek, Michel De Paepe
Talieh Rajabloo, Carlo De Servi, Johan Van Bael, Robbe Salenbien
tag Integrated design of ORC process and working fluid using PC-SAFT and Modelica
Dominik Tillmanns, Christoph Gertig, Johannes Schilling, Andrej Gibelhaus, Uwe Bau, Franz Lanzerath, André Bardow
tag Gear pump for low power output ORC – an efficiency analysis
Zbynek Zeleny, Vaclav Vodicka, Vaclav Novotny, Jakub Mascuch
tag Thermodynamic optimization of a double-pressure Organic Rankine Cycle driven by geothermal heat source
Qingxuan Sun, Yaxiong Wang, Ziyang Cheng, Jiangfeng Wang, Pan Zhao, Yiping Dai
tag Design of a 1 kW Organic Rankine Cycle for teaching and research issues
Christian Dirk Bonk, Christoph Laux, Maximilian Rödder, Matthias Neef
tag Working fluid selection and optimal power-to-weight ratio for ORC in long-haul trucks
Christoph Wieland, Roberto Pili, Jesus Castro Pastrana, Alessandro Romagnoli, Hartmut Spliethoff
tag Small Organic Rankine Cycle coupled to parabolic trough solar concentrator
Uzziel Caldiño, Juan Garcia, Laura Castro, Oscar Jaramillo, Gustavo Urquiza, Franciso Flores
tag Experimental investigation and CFD analysis of heat transfer in single phase subcooler of a small scale waste heat recovery ORC
Tryfon Roumpedakis, Spyros Chapaloglou, Platon Pallis, Aris-Dimitrios Leontaritis, Konstantinos Braimakis, Sotirios Karellas, Panagiotis Vourliotis
tag Radial expander design for an engine Organic Rankine Cycle waste heat recovery system
Fuhaid Alshammari, Apostolos Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, Apostolos Pesiridis, Timothy Minton
tag Study on applicability of radial-outflow turbine type for 3 MW WHR Organic Rankine Cycle
Dmytro Maksiuta, Leonid Moroz, Maksym Burlaka, Yurii Govoruschenko
tag Closed loop organic wind tunnel (CLOWT): design, components and control system
Felix Reinker, Eugeny Y. Kenig, Max Passmann, Stefan aus der Wiesche
tag Optimization of an Organic Rankine Cycle as bottoming cycle of a 1 kWe genset for residential applications
Alejandro Lavernia, Davide Ziviani, Bryce Schaffer, Kunal Bansal, Eckhard Groll
Joaquín Navarro-Esbrí, Francisco Molés, Bernardo Peris, Roberto Collado, Manuel González, José Pascual Martí
tag Application and operational experience of 40+ Triogen ORC plants
Quirijn Eppinga, Stefano Ganassin, Jos van Buijtenen
tag Thermodynamic analysis of a small scale combined cycle for energy generation from carbon neutral biomass
Riccardo Amirante, Pietro De Palma, Elia Distaso, Antonio Pantaleo, Paolo Tamburrano
tag Multi criteria optimization of plate heat exchangers for super critical C02 power systems
Gianluca Lillo, Rita Mastrullo, Alfonso William Mauro, Luca Viscito
tag Temperature control of evaporators in automotive waste heat recovery systems
Michiel Oom, Emanuel Feru, Bram de Jager, Henk Ouwerkerk, Rick de Lange
tag Design and commissioning of a thermal stability test-rig for mixtures as working fluids for ORC applications
Luuc Keulen, Chiara Landolina, Andrea Spinelli, Paolo Iora, Costante Invernizzi, Luca Lietti, Alberto Guardone
tag Design and modelling of a small scale biomass-fuelled CHP system based on Rankine technology
Márcio A. Santos, Jorge C. André, Ricardo A. Mendes, José Baranda Ribeiro