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20 mins
Performance evaluation of an ORC unit integrated to a waste heat recovery system in a steel mill
Miguel Ramirez, Maider Epelde, Mercedes Gomez de Arteche, Andrea Panizza, Alfred Hammerschmid, Marco Baresi, Nicola Monti
Session: Session 3A: Waste Heat Recovery (1)
Session starts: Wednesday 13 September, 16:30
Presentation starts: 16:50
Room: Building 27 - Lecture room 01

Miguel Ramirez (TECNALIA)
Maider Epelde (TECNALIA)
Mercedes Gomez de Arteche (TECNALIA)
Andrea Panizza (ORI MARTIN)
Alfred Hammerschmid (BIOS)
Marco Baresi (TURBODEN)
Nicola Monti (TENOVA)

Waste heat revalorization creates interesting opportunities to energy intensive industries. In the present project a large scale ORC pilot plant along with a waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) in a steel mill has been designed, commissioned and operated. The plant is part of the European Commission funded PITAGORAS project and it has been built by ORI MARTIN in Brescia (Italy). Waste heat is recovered from the fumes of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) to produce saturated steam which is then delivered to a district heating (DH) network during heating season and to the ORC for electricity generation during summer. The main challenge was the integration of these systems in a single plant since the heat source is highly unstable and both the DH ad ORC require a steady heat load for their safe operation. A steam accumulator of 150m3 volume was implemented between the WHRU and the ORC/DH systems to maintain a steady discharge pressure, to reduce the fast transients and to extend the supply over longer periods. The ORC has a nominal power output of 1,8MW and the preliminary results of the first weeks of operation of the ORC unit resulted in a net efficiency of 21.7%. Currently the plant is undergoing monitoring campaign which will provide additional data to further evaluate and optimize the system.