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tag Modeling of brazed plate heat exchangers for ORC systems
Vijaya Sekhar Gullapalli
Session: Poster session & Welcome drinks
Session starts: Wednesday 13 September, 17:30

Vijaya Sekhar Gullapalli (SWEP International AB. Sweden)

The design of efficient ORC systems involves selection of thermodynamic cycles and working fluids, optimization of operating variables and selection of components for available heat sources. These optimization processes involve determining heat exchanger performance and selection calculations suitable for various cycles and dealing with multiple heat sources. The current article presents a steady state ORC system simulation tool in which the main emphasis is given to braze plate heat exchanger (BPHE) modeling and selection. A unique 1D pressure-enthalpy based discretized method is developed for the simulation of heat exchanger components. The developed method is generic and can be adopted for simulating single phase, super-critical, evaporation and condensation processes with full or partial phase change. To improve the stability and speed of fluid property retrieval, a bilinear finite grid interpolation method based on property maps obtained from standard libraries such as NIST REFPROP and COOLPROP is developed.