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tag Simulation and design tool for ORC axial turbine stage
Lorenzo Talluri, Giacomo Lombardi
Session: Poster session & Welcome drinks
Session starts: Wednesday 13 September, 17:30

Lorenzo Talluri (Università degli studi di Firenze)
Giacomo Lombardi (Università degli studi di Firenze)

Axial flow turbines are the most common expanders for energy conversion. Usually axial flow turbines working fluids are air or steam; nonetheless, there is an increasing interest in evaluating this technology for Organic Rankine Cycle applications. In this field, because of the numerous possible applications, as well as the variety of specific working fluids, the selection of the turbine is usually perfected after a throughout preliminary design of the expander. Therefore, the main goal of this research is to develop a preliminary design tool for the estimation of power and efficiency of an axial turbine stage working with organic fluids. The implemented thermodynamic model applies systematically real fluid properties. Furthermore, not only a mean line analysis is available in this simulation tool, but also a Non-Isentropic Simple Radial Equilibrium (NISRE) model, in order to evaluate the thermodynamics and kinematics of the flow throughout the blade, is presented. A geometric parameterization was added to develop an optimal configuration of the channel, which can be adapted to the user requirements, to ensure maximum flexibility for different ORC applications. The methods applied, as well as various simulation results with different working fluids, from refrigerant to hydrocarbons, are presented.